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November 15, 2011, 11:22 pm
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   fixed focalization The presentation of narrative facts and events from the constant point of view of a single focalizer…variable focalization The presentation of different episodes of the story as seen through the eyes of several focalizers. ( Jahn 3.2.4). The concept of fixed versus variable focalization is very simple, fixed is where there is one person telling a story, where variable is where there are several. Although Zenzontli is telling both narratives in the story it is difficult to choose if Atomik Aztex is told with fixed or variable focalization. Zenzontli is two very different versions of himself in the two narratives. Although Zenzontli is not a different person he acts in very different ways, and in very similar ways. In the meat packing plant narrative Zenzontli seems to be leader of the union, similarly in the warrior narrative he is the leader of the troops, however his focalization is not really fixed. The two realities blend and the reader is left to wonder which Zenzontli they are hearing from. Considering the first page, where Zenzontli mentions visions, the novel may be written using fixed focalization. The episodes of Stalingrad and Zenzontli as a general may just be Zenzontli’s imagination or interpretation of what he wants to happen to the owners of the meat packing plant. It is very unclear if Atomik Aztex is one, the other, or a mixture of both.

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