English 363

December 11, 2011, 3:03 am
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I feel that commenting the blogs of my groupmates was very intersting. I enjoyed looking at what everyone else was writing. People had a lot of interesting stuff on their blogs. After thinking a little bit about it and about what certain people have on their blogs I was thinking if some people would consider our class a real class at all. It has most of the characteristics of a class, but I feel like the blog format changes a lot about what people think about what a class can be. Maybe it is a parody of a class and our class is making fun of classes. Blogging is certainly an experimental type of learning so I think it is very interesting that we are reading experimental literature. We are double-guineapigs. Getting feedback from my classmates was interesting because I feel like they’re very intelligent and make connections to things I wrote about that I didn’t even think about when I wrote them. It is beneficial for individuals to share their perspective and allow others to see their point of view as they share their own. Although for most of the class the blog was merely a conversation between the student whom the blog belonged to and the professor ( like a regualr class), I feel like now it is being used for its intended purpose, to be a conversation between many people. Much like the authors we read in class a blog breaks boundaries and changes the way people think, for the authors about what Literature is, and for the class what Learning or being a Class is.

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