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Find the difference
December 11, 2011, 3:46 am
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To me different genres or time periods of fictions are widely and illegitmately characterized. Readers are told to expect completely different things from certain genres when while looking at them from a certain lense novels or pieces of literature from different genres can be precieved as exactly the same. The two pictures above have small differences on the surface and make them different, just as novels of different genres have small surface differences that make them different. I believe that most narratives are a commentary on society as a whole or feelings the author has and are just as similar as these pictures are reguardless of time period or genre.

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Caitlin, nice choice of image. I’ve seen these kind of pictures numerous times but wouldn’t think of a way to connect it with literature and incorporate within the blogs but you’ve done a good job and I do agree with what you said. The novels/stories we read in class this semester all dealt with some kind of magical realism but had there own way of interpreting it.
The difference I see in the pics: one extra red floor, he’s looking up in one, extra leaf on the stem…that’s all I see =] but others can pick up on more just like in reading stories.

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