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December 18, 2011, 11:11 pm
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Ironically in a Literature class about experimental Literature the format was to some highly experimental. Strangely despite the aspect of a blog, students in this course were encouraged to do real writing and not just play online. Most people would think that a class with a blog would be less intense and more lax with requirements for writing. I was surprised that in addition to the usual blogs some real academic writing had to be done. I feel that in this class, if nothing else my writing improved. I think that now I think in a completely different way when I approach novels, movies, or even cartoons. Being exposed to Narratology  allowed me to think more about what I consume as a reader or watcher and how things that I thought were completely different from each other in some elements are completely the same. I do think that this class could have been taught using any medium (blog or print) and any sources (Hispanic Literature, other Literature, literature, or film and television shows). Learning about a different culture exposes students to it and forces them to think differently. I think that after this class many students will walk away will different ideas and opinions of Hispanic writers and what it means to be a writer, and even what it means to be a character, and see that these boundaries and all other boundaries can be broken. I’ve always thought that the canon was an illegitimate hierarchy of novels, novels and works in the canon should not be seen as any better or worse than novels outside of it. If anything experimental Literature deserves to be in the canon for the risks it takes, while maintaining most aesthetics of a novel and Narratology.

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